What web browser do you use?

When I first started to surf the internet, I only knew of ONE browser. The browser that ruled them all – Internet Explorer. Not too long after finding my bearings in the World Wide Web (WWW), I found myself using Netscape Navigator.

Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator has come a long way since then. Internet Explorer today is in its eight revision and is still THE browser to use, while Netscape Navigator has ceased to exist – giving birth to the Mozilla line of browsers. Today web browsers are aplenty. Open up FileHippo.com and clicking on its Browsers and Plugins page and you would have at least 10 different browsers to choose from.

Many debates have arise in the internet on which browser is the best and which is the fastest. Opera claims they are the FASTEST browser while Google Chrome – a new comer to the browser wars – claims they are fast too! One would really have to test out every browser to find the one most suitable to their browsing habits.

I personally used Mozilla Firefox for a very long period – dumping Internet Explorer in the process – and I find it to be the most stable browser out there today. With an array of plug-ins that adds to the users’ browsing experience, Mozilla Firefox really does appeal to those who are finding for an alternative browser. Besides Mozilla Firefox, I have to really recommend the new contender to the browser wars – Google Chrome.

Not satisfied with having conquered the web-searching wars, Google decided that they would want a piece of the browser pie too. Having launched Google Chrome in a little less than 2 years ago, Chrome has become a browser to be reckon with. Based on the Webkit engine, Google Chrome provides user with a streamlined interface as well as a no-frills browsing experience. With the latest stable launch of Google Chrome 8, this browser is fully recommended to anyone who just wants a quick-loading browser that is able to process almost ANY websites out there today. And with support for extensions (Google’s way of calling plug-ins), Google Chrome’s capability is only limited to the many extensions made by developers out  there!

As of October 2010, Internet Explorer still is the most used browser followed by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome respectively. Below is an image taken from Wikipedia.org which shows the current usage share of web browsers as of October 2010.

Picture taken from Wikipedia.org
Usage Share of Web Browsers (October 2010)

At the end of the day, the choice of which browser to choose from really rest in the opinion of the user. For me, I sticked with Google Chrome from the day I started using it. Below I have linked the top 5 browsers – so feel free to test them all out and leave a comment on which browser do YOU like!

Internet Explorer – here
Firefox – here
Chrome – here
Safari – here
Opera – here

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