Why is Malaysia experiencing a brain drain?

Why is Malaysia experiencing a brain drain?.

I have got to admit, working in the education line, many parents ask this: Can I do this overseas?

I guess this is a serious problem. Why overseas? Is the education level in Malaysia that bad? Some parents put this on exposure. But I reckon they would want their children to migrate once they complete their studies there.

If the grass is always greener on the other side, then why are people seeking jobs in Malaysia from the Indonesia, Philippines as well as Thailand.

The country would not grow if we have selfish people who leave the country to seek out better opportunities in foreign land. Why so? As Malaysians, stay back in this country and help YOUR country. Not feel proud because you landed a lucrative job in a foreign land.

When fingers are pointed at the government for the brain drain, I have to say the other four fingers are pointed back at themselves!

    • Andrew Sin
    • December 21st, 2010

    Well… Sad to say that peopl in Malaysia are suffering brain drain. However, we have to be realistic upon the financial too. As u said, why foreigners from Thailand and Indonesia come here to seek job? I’m sure they would relate to money. Also some minority would wanna get more exposure overseas. For example, why does majority big companies don’t hire local arcithecture designers? Etc… It’s very subjective if we would wanna debate this issue..

    • Yup got to agree with the monetary issue. But in my opinion, running away from it and not helping the country’s economy to grow is also another factor to look at. And the fact that they say it is hopeless really breaks the heart – it is a problem they realise but instead of helping, they point fingers everywhere.

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