The Staggering Size of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Staggering Size of the Internet [INFOGRAPHIC].

Got to admit… WWW is called so cos it’s REALLY the World Wide Web.


AFP: Memories take hold better during sleep: study

AFP: Memories take hold better during sleep: study.

Finally a study that cements what I have been telling people who studies for exam overnight and thinks that they would actually get to memorize more – SLEEP and you can actually remember MORE!

So for those who are reading this… if you wish to remember/memorize more, read and then take a quick nap. The study shows, it helps.

ARTiculations: The Three Faces of Malaysia

ARTiculations: The Three Faces of Malaysia.

Love how Art Harun put it in context and perspective. It’s just the way I see it. Political parties today love to play the race card and issue up. How about the country’s issue that should be the focus?

Come on, wake up folks! The GE will happen sooner rather later. It’s time to buck up and think for the country not just selfish individuals!

Apple’s Steve Jobs takes medical leave – The Malaysian Insider

Apple’s Steve Jobs takes medical leave – The Malaysian Insider.

I guess his health is really deteriorating. Lets us just all pray for this genius which brought us revolutionary products in the Mac to the iPods to the iPhones. Each device which dominated its respective market segments.

Kudos to Steve Jobs and get well soon!

Votes for sale in Sarawak « Hornbill Unleashed

Votes for sale in Sarawak « Hornbill Unleashed.

This is really the epitome of money-politics. Are we going let this go by and be ruled by MPs who go into power just because they could fork out enough money?

I think everyone should be educated about their rights in voting. It isn’t simply just about putting an “X” on a piece of paper, it is about giving mandate to a certain individual that would be our voice in parliament/our constituency!

If you haven’t register to vote, get that bump up and running and head over to the nearest post office to register as a voter!

ASPAN ALIAS: Kita nombor satu dalam dunia.

ASPAN ALIAS: Kita nombor satu dalam dunia.

Great read I must say although in BM, it clearly writes about the thoughts of many Malaysians.

Against FHM and Red FM ‘s sexualisation of women | The Nut Graph

Against FHM and Red FM ‘s sexualisation of women | The Nut Graph.

Personally I never liked any of our local DJ’s. They are just downright childish and never learn to be professionals. Most of the time they are doing pranks like “Gotcha” – which in my honest opinion is getting really lame these days and using really broken English on air – which again in my opinion is not helping Malaysians in improving their English.

I have to voice out that being entertaining doesn’t mean someone has to be vulgar – like in this case here. And to entertain, one can come out with a million other ideas than just being downright lame. It might seem to a lot of audience that it is just a joke at the end of the day, but as shown in this incident, it cast a downright sexist remark!

So are we going to just sit and continue to be ignorant about the way Malaysian DJ’s work? Or are going to step up and voice out our concerns just as this lady has done. Please retweet or share this after you have read the article above.

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